“Authenticity is a journey

of self discovery”

Michelle Ashby

Level Up Your Life –

Be You, Be Real

Start saying no to what’s holding you back

and saying YES to a life you love.

About Michelle

A certified Life, Health and Confidence Coach, dedicated to helping her clients live life on their own terms, being true to themselves.

Michelle is a triple threat to the coaching industry, combining her professional HR & entrepreneurial wisdom, with her coaching and personal training experience.

Having had a successful career in London, she now runs her own coaching practice and a successful HR & Recruitment Business.

Combining her experience she helps women to become confident within themselves, strengthening their mindset, health, body image, career path and ultimately their self-esteem.

You can have it all – It’s YOUR VERSION OF “ALL”

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Level Up Your Life - Growth Mindset Group Programme

Launching Spring 2022

In this exclusive 8 weeks programme we take a deep dive into everything that makes you authentic and unique. We will focus on resetting your mindset, your approach to your health, habits and in turn create a lifestyle that brings you success, balance and fun!”

You will become more confident to be yourself, show up authentically and increase yourself worth.

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Be Your Change - One-to-One Confidence Coaching & Personal Training

Make a promise to yourself to no longer hold yourself back. Put yourself first and see the domino effect of positive & healthy habits. Working directly with me, through a bespoke blend of confidence coaching and personal training, we will set you on the path to becoming your best self, overcoming the barriers that are currently holding you back and allowing you to finally feel confident in your own skin.

Book your FREE 20 minute breakthrough call now. What are you waiting for?

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The Healthy Body & Mind Programme

Want to get started but perhaps aren’t ready for the deep dive? Then dip your toe in the water with the Healthy Body & Healthy Mind programme.

8 weeks of remote support will enable you to understand how to fuel your body and mind to shift your lifestyle. Bespoke to you, addressing your food intake and giving you the helping hand to implement some new habits into your life.

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Get in touch

To get in touch call me on 07387966115 or click below:

A Women’s Confidence Journey

I support women in developing their confidence, reaching contentment and feeling healthier. My Level Up Your Life and Be Your Change programmes focus on reigniting your spark mentally and physically.

I will guide you along a path to optimum health which will tackle the overwhelming pressures of everyday life that women face such as excelling at work, keeping the home running, maintaining fitness and health and natural just got out of bed beauty.

My passion is working with women to achieve THEIR best life – not an image created by airbushed media. This means saying goodbye to feeling down about yourself with self comparisons of your body and lifestyle. Break out of negative habits!

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The Real Women Series

Join Michelle and guests on her IGTV and podcast series.

Michelle speaks with women from all walks of life about their journey, their challenges and what helps them to show up just as they are.

In a world full of stereotypes about what women “should” be, Michelle helps break down these barriers.

Helping women become comfortable with themselves, find inner strength and knowing that even the most confident of women, has an inner dialogue that needs to be quietened down sometimes.

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Meet other women who want to make a change within themselves and their lives. Small or big changes, all add up to positive changes. Join the community for connection, inspiration and encouragement.

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I support women in developing their confidence, reaching contentment and feeling healthier.